Metro Dry Grout

Metro Dry Grout offers a full array of high-quality grouts. This Grout has architecturally specified high-performance grouts and is available under the Metro Products™ brand, which offers coloured grouts for both wide and narrow joints. Select the colour according to your need, now available in 26 colours.

  • Match 100% with the colour of your precious tiles
  • More potent than ordinary cement.
  • Metro Dry Grout is a hard-wearing, water-resistant tile grouting compound for interior and exterior use.
  • Metro Dry Tile Grout is designed to fill joints. This Grout is an easy-to-use, high-performance, polymer-modified cementitious Grout that seals thin joints and wide exterior, interior floor, and wall tiles.
  • Low dirt accumulation and provide clean joints.
  • It ensures excellent waterproofing in wet areas.
  • Metro Dry Tile Grout texture is delicate, uniform, and firm, enhancing the decorative effect.
  • It is non-shrinkable and will not crack.
  • It has anti-fungus properties and is water repellant. 

How to Use: 

Metro Dry Grout ensure the protection of your costly tiles. Thoroughly clean the tiles before using metro dry grout. Ensure that the tiles space has no dirt, sand or dust particles. Use after 36 hours for the best result.