Metro Power Powder

Metro Power Powder powder-based solution gives walls more strength when used with cement and increases the life of the paint.Metro Power Powder is a unique formula for increasing the strength of cement. Monde Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Limited has introduced it in the market after many experiments. It can be used on plaster and masonry generally. The best result obtained from the use of power powder on plaster.

Metro Power Powder, which provides a strong base on a plaster/concrete and mortar wall surface before applying topcoat paint or distemper and protects your walls from water.


  • Strengthen the plaster.
  • If the thickness of plaster is low than usage of extra Metro power powder will help to maintain the moister of the plaster.
  • Prevents light moisture from entering the walls.
  • Strengthens plaster 30% than ordinary cement plaster.
  • Brings finishing into the plaster.
  • Extends the duration of paints and varnishes.
  • Prevent Plaster cracking 


  • Do not use Metro Power Powder on paint
  • Distemper and smooth surfaces.
  • Use plenty of Metro power powder for best results.
  • Metro Power Powder is available in 1 kg packing.