Metro Tile Bond

Metro Tile Bond is a high-quality bond, which is good to join ceramics, granite tile, porcelain and natural stone, marble etc. Metro Bond is an entirely formulated product containing high-quality imported ingredients that provide extra ordinary strength and flexibility.

  • The high quality of Metro Tile Bond does not allow to slip tile through the wall.
  • Metro Tile Bond is a tile adhesive for bonding ceramic tiles, marbles, and stone on most common construction substrates for internal and external applications.
  • It is a cementitious dry powder mixed with water to form a paste, providing problem-free, complete bedding for tiles and stone installation. 
  • Metro Tile bond gives 5% more strength than ordinary cement.
  • Washable with water and easy to use.
  • Durable and reliable. 
  • 20% stronger than a regular dry bond.
  • Metro Tile Bond increases the cementitious system’s compressive, flexural, and tensile strength.
  • We are manufacturing Metro Tile Bond under stringent quality control procedures.
  • Metro Tile Bond is the no.1 bond and the market leader because of its quality.