Metro White Glue

Metro White Glue is a powerful, economical white glue that sets faster than most other comparable glues available in the market. Its versatile formula is ideal for general woodworking applications and many other porous and semi-porous materials.

How to Use:

Thoroughly dry the area where the Metro white glue is intended.


Please do not use it on greasy and painted areas.


  • Metro white Glue provides a strong initial tack and sets fast to reduce clamp time.
  • It gives a fine glue line, offers excellent standability, and is unaffected by finishes. 
  • Metro White Glue is a highly fast-setting, high solids PVA adhesive.
  •  It provides exceptional gap-filling properties developing a glue more robust than the wood itself.
  • Our Glue provides better coverage, Termite Resistant, Unmatchable strength, Quick setting, High viscosity and no toxic odour.
  • It is designed for general household as well as industrial woodworking projects. 
  • It is specifically designed for wood, particleboard, hardboard, porous material, and semi-porous material.