Metro Waterproofing Kit

80% of Pakistan’s buildings have become hollow and lifeless due to dampness and flood, especially seepage and dewy areas. Even after spending millions of rupees at home, there is no cure for this disease. Monde Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Limited. Has introduced a high-quality waterproofing kit to meet your requirements.

Metro waterproofing kit provides consultants, builders, and DIY enthusiasts with solutions to everyday waterproofing requirements.

Metro Waterproofing Kit is a high quality, versatile, permanent waterproofing solution for roofs, wet rooms and water retaining structures. You can also use it in Swimming pools, Cementitious potable water tanks, Concrete flat roofs and water retaining areas. It provides top-class quality and protects your home from seepage of water.

Metro Waterproofing Kit is a high-performance flexible waterproofing membrane, which gives a waterproof coating for your bathrooms, kitchen, small roofs, balconies, terraces, wet areas, sloping RCC roofs, and basements. It’s a two-component acrylic cementitious waterproof coating for water tanks.


No leakage up to 10 m. hydrostatic pressure. 

EXCELLENT ADHESION: Excellent adhesion to concrete, cement or masonry surface subject to damage from moisture


  • 2X water resistance
  • Provides a smooth and shiny finish to the surface
  • It brings out the true tone of the topcoat
  • Better Workability


Concrete foundations, basements wall and lift pits. Swimming pools, water tanks and reservoirs. Concealed roofs, parking decks,Mud interior and exterior walls, bathroom, toilet, kitchen,Front elevation, balconies and planters. You can also apply this on a damp surface. 


Metro Waterproofing kit don’t use It: distemper, painted, oily and dusty places.